Frontrunner, located at the cross­roads of TriBeCa and Chinatown, is a new kind of magazine.  Our studios include a creative production facility filled with talented artists and a production team of strategists and creatives.  The magazine publishes quarterly.

We are the product of a new media generation.  We learned to make films to publish online.  We are a tight collective of creative professionals working together to produce fine quality events, film productions, and media.  We do it because its fun and then we report about it here (on our magazine).

We started a GALLERY in New York City from 2010-2012 and consult on art events regularly.


Frontrunner was founded in the fall of 2009 by producer Michael Fasciano and filmmaker Edward Symes.  The creative collective began as an online magazine for distribution for the work of friends.  We moved into an office in a small artist enclave in Tribeca/Chinatown.  We created a series of photo essays, video diary films, event productions, and interviews.  The launching of the magazine was documented in length during the Northeast Tour to the Pop!Tech Conference


Frontrunner is at the core a group of talented filmmakers, photographers, designers, strategists, and great creative writers.  This team extends to art producers and curators who have held art events internationally.  We represent and collaborate with a diverse and inspiring group of companies, freelancers, artists, and collectives.  Frontrunner maintains relationships with exhibiting artists, musicians, choreographers for commercial projects at Frontrunner Studio.