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Filmmaker Kevin Wilson Jr. on ‘My Nephew Emmett’

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L.B. Williams plays Mose Wright, the uncle of Emmett Till, in the Oscar-nominated short film My Nephew Emmett.   In August 1955, a teenage boy, Emmett Till, lost his life to the hands of racism, hatred, and brutality, posthumously becoming an icon of the Civil Rights Movement. Kevin Wilson Jr.'s "My Nephew Emmett" recently told Emmett's story from the perspective of his great-uncle, Mose Wright, from whose home the boy was abducted from. With a new talent like Joshua Wright, who plays Emmett, and famous actress Jasmine Guy, of A Different World fame, appearing as Emmett's aunt, Elizabeth Wright, L.B. Williams takes on Mose's role. Kevin Wilson, Jr. is an MFA Candidate at NYU. Wilson first emerged as a rising talent in 2009 when he directed multiple sold out performances of his debut play The Emmett Till Story, [...]