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Word & Paint Games: An Association Exercise with Ridley Howard

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  Suggestion is often more seductive than sheer exposure. Some of the finest artworks in our collective history are mere hints at the dark, sultry corners of our psyche. It doesn't matter if those hints are cast in dark or bright colours: Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Fiona Rae and Alex Katz are prime examples of painters who employ vibrant palettes in communicating complex, often hidden scenarios of which the viewer desperately tries to unpick and fill. New York-based artist Ridley Howard follows in that grand tradition, upping the ante even further with splashes of eroticism streaked across airy, domestic backdrops. Howard earned his BFA from the University of Georgia, going on to his MFA from Tufts (School of the Museum of Fine Arts). His work has been seen at venues in Los Angeles, New York, Tel [...]

Hurray for Hollyweird: A Q&A with Hollywood Mural Project Curator Jill C. Weisberg

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I thought it was a great opportunity to elevate it: more cultured, richer, more inviting, more surprising. To make it more interesting, because these downtowns are dying as more people buy things on Amazon or go to the mall. But Downtown Hollywood is doing well, and I think it has something to do with the Mural Project.