The painting ODALISQUE by McConnell

In the weeks prior to New York Fashion Week, painter Bryn McConnell opened an exhibition of “Looked,” a series of paintings in her signature Matisse style that comment heavily on fashion and the idea of self reflection.  Bryn work was first seen by Frontrunner Collective portrait photographer and event photographer Leah Overstreet on the T.O.A.S.T. (Tribeca Open Artist Tour).  We were really impressed.  Writer Rena Silverman, a freelance writer at BOMB magazine wrote a great profile of McConnell and the creative collective presented at Frontrunner.

The work comments on the role of fashion that lies at the heart of self-image and society at large.  She finished the two week run on 59 Franklin Street with a performance along side the feminist / da-da group, The Push Pops.  The performance featured an interplay of power and desire between a trio of women who who were sequentially taking turns imposing their will on one another.  Stripping their partners of their fashionable drag, step by step, snip by snip, and stroke by stroke – with a collection of tools ranging from scissors to lip stick.  The end result help a palpable sense of mounting tension that held the crowd in amazement.  See the photos below.