Coco and Pollock is a creative collaboration between Stephane Dago and Anna Browne.  The team specializes in unique events that seek to embody the collision between New York and Parisian nightlife. Dago, the creative director behind the “Les Apéro Panorama” party series in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, brings the duo a European flavor and specializes in discovering amazing musical talents. Browne is a natural event planner. Having a background in showcasing art, music, and film in cities like Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and New York, she is an expert at fusing nightlife with culture.  FRONTRUNNER sat down with both of them to discuss a recent event at The Raven NYC.

What inspired the forming of Coco & Pollock?

We were inspired to use our creative events to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Paris and NYC for our clients in the fashion, art and corporate industries.

Tell me a little about the suggested “film noir” dress and theme for the event?

The 1950s theme came about by looking at the fashion industry genius Coco Chanel and the amazing Jackson Pollock from the art world. We love the aesthetics of the photographer Man Ray, who was an American artist living in Paris.

Coco & Pollock is an event and creative agency focused on the 1950s and 60s. We launched the startup with monthly party called Man Ray Noir, une fete coquette. People are asked to dress up in the style of that period. In both Paris and NYC, people have stopped dressing in a chic and glamorous way when they go out.

For us it’s really important to see beautiful and smart people at our parties because the spirit of our company is chic, glamorous, and elegant.

Coco and Pollock is part French and part American.  How do you feel this inspires your collaboration?

For us, it was really important to stay focused on France and the USA. There is a transatlantic connection between Paris and NYC and we love both cities. They are both romantic, exciting, and elegant. Coco relates to the chic and glam style of France, and Pollock relates to art and artistic creation. Stephane worked in the fashion industry and Anna in the art industry, so for us Coco and Pollock were the most representative people of both industries in that period.

What makes a successful event for you? What types of events do you like to organize?

The 1950s and 60s were the beginning of marketing, communication and economic growth after the second world war.

Good promotion, good organization, and a good concept for sure, as well as cocktails, product presentations, celebrations and post-show events.

Tell me about the DJ’s for the event.  How did you choose the music for the event?

The lineup is very important to us. We love to push different artists and DJs and to have a sexy headliner.



Do you have anything planned for the future?

Sure, we have Man Ray Noir as a monthly party, so the next one will be in October, and we are planning to develop the concept in different cities like Miami, Chicago, LA, and SF soon.