Last Friday, Frontrunner Gallery held an event that was one of a kind for the space. As an art collective, Frontrunner Gallery hopes to showcase artists of all creeds from painters to photographers and now to musicians, poets, creative minds, and enthusiasts alike. It was able to house just this.

Tristan Wheelock, Photojournalist and creative photographer, hosted a gallery opening of his work. He showcased the many panoramas he’s taken with a simple point and shoot camera that’s only a couple of steps above a store bought disposable. He illustrated the age old point that it doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of equipment an artist uses, but more so how an idea or vision is captured and conveyed.

Teaming up with Wheelock, lead singer and creator of Open to the Hound, Garrison Owen York, hosted the the remaining events for the night. Five singer-song writers and a poet took the stage. Sam Yeild started the night off with his soothing vocals and sincerely intricate finger picking. Following, was Desiree Portalatin-Gutierrez and her darkened Latino-infused love songs mixed with some quirk. She gave the night good upbeat vibe doused in some sexy Santana plucking.

Thirdly was singer-songwriter and actor Carly Howard whose voice can be heard walking through whimsical fields of gold. A beautiful voice to match slow and methodical fingerpicking. I took spot four with a couple of original poems spoken on stage for the first time. York took the stage second to last capturing the audience with his raspy and bluesy “Wilderness Rock” inspired by Mason Jennings and Neil Young with a touch of Beirut in his vocals. Finally, the talented Sam Budin closed the night with originals from his self-titled album Weird Chess, full of his slow and cool musical story telling.

It was an entertaining and productive night as singer-songwriters and artist were able to learn and collaborate with each other and seduce the night with their talents. A good crowd came to voice their support. Young professionals, fellow artists and musicians, friends, family, some crusty punks, and those just looking for a new Friday night jive all mingled to the tunes and words professed form the stage.

Frontrunner Gallery at 59 Franklin St. was founded in the Spring of 2011 by Edward Symes, Leah Overstreet, and friends as a collective performance space. The Frontrunner community is an avenue for artists, musicians, performers, and creatives to showcase their works and ideas. In addition, it is a gathering space for those that appreciate the quality talent of such individuals and want to be a part of an ambitious creative vision.

And get an earful of who was on stage:

Photography of Tristan Wheelock

Open to the Hound

Sam Yield

Mathew Van Deventer (Poetry) lelog/mathewvanderdeeter

Desiree Portalatin-Gutierrez band

Carly Howard

Weird Chess http://weirdchess.bandcamp .com/

Tristan Wheelock showed a series of panoramic images taken over the past four years at an opening on July 22nd at Frontrunner Gallery.

Artist Statement:

I affectionately call my little Ansco Pix Panorama the “one dollar wonder.” I picked it up at a thrift store nearly half a decade ago and immediately fell in love with the wide perspective and the unpredictable
results of shooting through a plastic lens.

The images in this series are part journal and part travelogue. I’ve been drifting throughout the world for the past four years working as a photojournalist and these panoramic pictures provide with an escape from the digital rectangles I get paid to make.

The photographs I take with this camera are more like diary entries than anything else. Limited by the number of exposures on a roll of film, each frame becomes a little more important and thus the process slows down and sometimes becomes almost meditative.

I’ve grouped these pictures to represent a nostalgia for the recent past. They span the country from coast to coast with a focus on my hometown and shorelines. Nostalgia is a general theme in my imagery as a whole and I think it shows through strongly in these panoramas.

A large crowd attended the show to celebrate 104 degree summer New York City summer weather as well as performances by musicians Open to the Hound, Sam Yield, Carly Howard, Desiree Portalatin-Gutierrez, Weird Chess, and reading by writer Mathew Van Deventer.

Event Photography by Leah Overstreet.