Ellen Douglas (writer)

A Portrait of Jackson Women, 20 Women Who Have Made A Difference originally began as a multimedia photography project combining portraits and audio interview of exceptional women from my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.  As the project progressed and I heard the women’s stories, I realized the importance of sharing their contributions and their inspiring journeys with the world. Still often confronted with frustrating stereotypes surrounding my home state, these women are the exception. They represent women from a variety of walks of life: writers, artists, musicians, activists, educators, historians, and humanitarians, to list a few.

Helen Barnes M.D.




They made exceptional contributions during a time in the Deep South when it was crucial and unusual. Their efforts and ingenuity should be honored and shared.  We wanted to take it a step further and create a film in order to reach a larger audience and to delve deeper into the story telling.  These women are a beacon signaling the beauty and bravery that Mississippi continues to share with the world. These remarkable women directly challenge stereotypes surrounding the state. Their stories can inspire the next generation of artists, activist, humanitarians, and change makers.